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These days, a large number of people are utilizing internet in order to search for products, information or services that they need. In the event that your business’s website do not appear at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for certain keywords related to your business, you are missing a big piece of pie. This is exactly where the part of SEO comes in.

SEO, the most noteworthy branch of Digital Marketing, is an incredible approach to increase the visibility of a website on major search engines, such as, Google, Bing, Biadu, and that’s just the beginning. The benefits of SEO for businesses, irrespective of their size, is beyond one’s imagination. If optimized properly, it can take your business to a next level.

SEO Aim Point, one of the leading SEO companies in Bhopal, has been in the business of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for more than 10 years. With extensive knowledge and decade of experience, we have helped a great of businesses throughout the globe by incrementing their business’s visibility over the World Wide Web.

We have deployed and hired highly talented and experienced SEO experts / professionals who love what they do. With a huge clientele, we are considered as the one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. If you are looking for someone with sheer will, dedication and focus towards SEO, we are the perfect choice for you.

Our SEO Services includes:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Building high authority backlinks
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization
  • Traffic Boost up
  • ORM (reputation management)

SEO Reporting & Management

Unlike, other SEO Companies in Bhopal, the SEO services that we offer are completely transparent, white hat and ethical. We keep our clients updated with weekly or monthly traffic and ranking reports as per the requirement, which helps our clients to remain informed about progresses. We, being the highly reputed SEO Company in Bhopal, can certainly realize the importance of having a great online reputation. With the same in mind, we make every possible efforts with the end goal to increment your brand awareness over the well-known search engines, like, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth. Our highly talented and experienced SEO experts utilize effective approach and strategies to get our client’s website at the top of SERPs for target keywords. This is one of the reasons why we are recognized as the best SEO Agency in Bhopal.

So, are you ready to occupy the top position of the SERPs for your business? If yes, do reach us at +91-7692028305. You can also drop a mail on


Optimizing your website according to search engine guidelines is known as SEO. SEO boosts traffic and keywords ranking of a website.

If you own a website, you should perform SEO of your website for your target keywords. Getting on top of Google and other search engines has become mandatory nowadays. Your customers and clients are searching you over search engines and social media profiles.

Any kind of business can perform SEO for their website. Irrespective of your business, you can create a website and rank on top of Google. Google ranking will generate traffic and leads.

Depending upon many factors (domain age, speed of website, content & Backlinks), a website ranking can be achieved. Website ranking time / duration is not defined anywhere, even no one can give you guarantee of that. Based on keywords competition, it requires time to rank. Backlinks of a website also decides ranking in Google and other search engines.

According to the number of target keywords, SEO cost defines. If you target 10 keywords for a website, its SEO charges will be different and if you target 20 keywords for the same, its cost will be different.

It’s not fix. It depends on your budget and business needs that how much keywords to target?

After SEO of your website, you will receive more traffic, more leads and more conversion. SEO can boost your online reputation also.

If you want to pay, you can pay us through online banking, through cheque and cash also.

SEO is of 2 types, organic SEO and in organic SEO.

We follow ethical SEO techniques. We do white hat SEO during SEO of a website. We do not follow black hat SEO, as it’s bad for long term SEO.

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